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Agents, Lenders, Title, Escrow and Inspectors etc. are all important members in the purchasing process. They must be the best and they must work together, your agent is the best coach in assembling the team!

You have come to the right place!
Here are a few tips when looking for the right Realtor to sell or find you the right house.
Having a Great Realtor
A great Realtor will find properties beyond the traditional MLS selection. They network with top agents, they send direct mail to target neighborhoods and they contact past clients in their database thus providing you with the best home, at the lowest price, best terms in the fastest amount of time.
Dealing With the Unqualified or Unsavory Character
One of the best reasons for hiring a professional is their ability to pre-qualify a prospect financially before valuable negotiation time is lost. And more importantly to discover motivation of a prospect that may be other than purchasing a property.
Providing Easy Access for Showings
There are many way to show a home. Appointment only is the most restrictive, lock boxes are the least, have your professional determine which is best for your lifestyle.
Team effort with your Realtor
The top agents in the industry report that sellers themselves are responsible for many sales. You can network your business and personal friends, you can hand out flyers to your personnel department and you can keep your house "ready to move into". Your professional real estate agent should be ready to hand out all sorts of assignments to make the "team effort" successful.

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